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Summer Work Hours

summer workweek

For the past several years, the District has approved a four-ten summer workweek schedule that enables staff to work a 40-hour week via a compressed calendar.  The agreed upon schedule is described below:

Please fill out the attached form if you would like to request the use of vacation, comp time, a reduced workload, or if you are wishing to opt-out.

All requests must be submitted to Human Resources & Employee Relations no later than Friday, May 31st.


  1. The four-ten schedules will start Sunday, June 9, 2024 and will end Saturday, August 10, 2024.

  2. Full-time classified employees who work Monday through Friday schedules will work ten (10) hours per day during the four (4) days Monday through Thursday of each week with the following exceptions:

  3. Offices that are required to serve the needs of the District and/or the public Monday through Friday will provide staffing for the five (5) days.

  4. For employees working schedules other than those noted in item #2 above, options for alternate work plans may be developed.  The immediate supervisor shall schedule classified employees with input from the employees involved, and in consultation with CSEA.  Such scheduling shall remain the same for the entire summer.  Any exceptions will be approved and communicated by the appropriate President or Vice Chancellor to the immediate supervisor.

  5. Those employees choosing not to participate in the alternate workweek schedule may be reassigned to an alternative work location at their regular work site if the employee’s regular location is closed as a result of the summer schedule.

  6. Part-time classified employees with supervisor approval may have their work hours adjusted to accommodate the four-ten summer workweek, but the total number of hours shall not increase the total number of hours worked in a week.

  7. Employees taking advantage of the alternate workweek summer schedule, all full-day absences (vacation, sick, bereavement, etc.) will be reported in increments of ten (10) hours, not to exceed forty- (40) hours in a workweek. 

  8. Classified employees who do not wish to participate or be reassigned to an alternative work location at their respective location during the four-ten hour day workweek have the option of using vacation, compensatory time off, or may request a reduced workload. All requests are subject to supervisory approval.

For those employees on the 4/10-work schedule, breaks will be as follows:

    • Morning Breaks – 15 minutes
    • Afternoon Breaks – 20 minutes
    • On Thursdays, employees may leave 10 minutes early.

For those employees that are approved for a reduced workload, breaks will be as follows:

    • 32-hour work week (8 hr day) – 15 minute breaks in the mornings & afternoons.  Do not leave early on Thursdays.
    • 36-hour work week (9 hr day) – 15 minute breaks in the mornings; 20 minute breaks in the afternoons.  Do not leave early on Thursdays.

* Subject to approval per CSEA Policy 610.

** Jury Duty on your scheduled day off is not payable.

*** Any hours over 40 hours in one week will be considered overtime.  During this period, any hours over 10 hours in one day is overtime and any overtime hours in excess of 4 hours in one day shall be compensated at the rate of 2x’s the regular rate.