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Board of Trustees

Generally, the Board of Trustees has two, regular meetings of the Board; with the first Tuesday of the month also conducted as Board Committee Meeting, and the third Tuesday of the month a regular meeting with action on committee meeting items by the full Board. Given the shared governance nature of Board Committee Meetings, items are reviewed and discussed by the committee, prior to consideration the Trustees at the regular board meeting. The meetings are held in the District Office, Board Room, 3801 Market Street, Riverside, CA. Periodically, special meetings are held, and other locations within the District can be scheduled for meetings.​

The board's powers and duties include:​

Approving district policy

Adopting the district's annual budget

Acquiring property

Approving the employment and dismissal of academic and classified employees

Hiring, firing and evaluating the district chancellor

Deciding employee compensation

Approving contracts

Hearing employee grievances

Listening to comments from the public, faculty, staff and students at its regular board meetings​​

​​Audio Re​c​ordings of Board Meetings​ which include Public Comments are available.​