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Frequently Asked Questions - RCCD District

Q: What is Riverside Community College District?

A: The Riverside Community College District through its three colleges—Moreno Valley College, Norco College, and Riverside City College, has been providing high quality, affordable higher education and job training in Riverside County for over 100 years. The cost of attending California's public universities continues to rise and is now more than six times that of attending a community college.

But as our main campus continues to age, and enrollment at our Moreno Valley and Norco Colleges increase, we are struggling to maintain the quality education at an affordable price, on which our local students , families, and over 6,000 local veterans rely.


Q: How does RCCD help students gain a 4- year university education?

A: Our local community colleges provide excellent training that prepares students to transfer to UC and Cal State schools to complete their Bachelor's degrees and allow local high school students to get a jump start on earning college credit by taking college courses before they even graduate. Our programs rely on up-to-date facilities to continue to offer this caliber of education while saving families money on the first few years of college.


Q: How does RCCD help students prepare for good jobs?

A: At each campus, RCCD proudly trains the next generation of local nurses, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers, and supports returning veterans in their education and career needs.

However, many Riverside Community College District classrooms and training facilities on each  College campus lack the up-to-date learning technology that students need to be prepared for careers in science, technology, engineering, math and computer science.


Q: How is RCCD addressing these education and career needs in our colleges?

A: At this time, funding does not exist to upgrade IT systems, equipment, classrooms and career training facilities to keep pace with current industry standards and technology our local students need to earn college credits, certifications, and job skills at an affordable price, or transfer to four-year colleges and universities without generating crushing debt. 

RCCD is engaging in a needs assessment at each College campus to ascertain what each College needs, in advance of the districts' upcoming budget planning. 


Q: Will community input be considered?

A: Yes. RCCD has initiated community outreach. Your local neighbors identified priorities for the Community College District, including:

Preparing students for good jobs

Improving access to affordable higher education

Providing safe drinking water

Removing asbestos and lead paint

Repairing deteriorating gas/sewer lines

Ensuring college buildings continue to meet earthquake and safety regulations

Upgrading campus safety, including campus lighting and for emergencies such as active shooters

Upgrading and equipping campuses and labs for training nurses, paramedics, firefighters police officers and other healthcare /safety professionals

Ensuring Moreno Valley and Norco campuses get their fair share 


Q.  How can I get more information and provide input?

A: We want to hear from you! For more factual information, visit
http://www.rccd.edu/a​ffordablequalityeducation and provide your priorities for our local community colleges. If you are a member of a civic organization and would like the College to present at your next meeting, feel free to email chancellor@rccd.edu​.