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Special Projects

Certificated/Academic Employees
      • The Dean/Director who will have responsibility for the project will complete the Spec​ial Project Request Form. The Dean/Director will discuss the special project with the employee, sign it and forward to Budget Control for funding approval.

        Spec​ial Project Request Form
      • Budget Control will verifying funding, sign the form, and return it to the Dean/Director.

      • The Dean/Director will forward the form to the appropriate Vice President for approval/signature.

      • The Vice President will forward the form to the President for approval/signature.

      • The President will forward the original request to Diversity and Human Resources.

      • Diversity and Human Resources will prepare a board report for approval by the Board of Trustees. (Special projects cannot be paid without Board approval.)

      • Diversity and Human Resources will forward the original request to Payroll and copies to the employee's personnel file, the employee, and the Dean/Director.

      • Upon completion of the project:

        The employee will submit a Special Project Time Report to the Dean/Director who has responsibility for the project's budget for signature after the work has been completed. ​The Dean/Director who has responsibility for the project will submit the Special Project Time Report to Payroll for payment.

        Special Project Time Report
      • If a cancellation or change has occurred, it must be noted on the Special Project Time Report.