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Our Staff


Aaron Brown
Vice Chancellor, Business & Financial Services

phone icon(951) 222-8789
phone iconaaron.brown@rccd.edu

Gloria Aguilar
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

phone icon(951) 222-8770
phone icongloria.aguilar@rccd.edu

Bob Rodriguez
Director, Administrative Support Center

phone icon(951) 222-8527
phone iconrobert.rodriguez@rccd.edu

Misty Griffin
Director, Business Services

phone icon(951) 222-8888
phone iconmisty.griffin@rccd.edu

John​ Geraghty

phone icon(951) 222-8041
phone iconjohn.geraghty@rccd.edu

Adrienne Fisher
Administrative Assistant to the Controller

phone icon(951) 222-8076
phone iconadrienne.fisher@rccd.edu

Edward Jimenez
Accounting Services Manager

phone icon(951) 222-8444
phone iconedward.jimenez@rccd.edu

Hussain Agah
Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Planning & Development

phone icon(951) 222-8201
phone iconhussain.agah@rccd.edu

Evelyn Ault
Administrative Assistant to the AVC, Facilities Planning & Development

phone icon(951) 222-8103
phone iconevelyn.ault@rccd.edu

Bart Doering
Director, Facilities Development

phone icon(951) 222-8962
phone iconbart.doering@rccd.edu

Mehran​​ Mohtasham
Director, Capital Planning

phone icon(951) 222-8813
phone iconmehran.mohtasham@rccd.edu

Hilda Haley
​​Payroll Manager

phone icon(951) 222-8923
phone iconhilda.haley@rccd.edu

Beiwe​i Tu​
Director, Risk Management​​

phone icon(951) ​222-8128
phone iconbeiwei.tu@rccd.edu

Monica Esqueda
Manager, District Safety & Emergency Planning

phone icon(951)-222-8566
phone iconmonica.esqueda@rccd.edu
Carrie Briones
Auxiliary Business Services Specialist

phone icon(951) 222-8819
phone iconcarrie.briones@rccd.edu

Nancy Dizon

phone icon(951) 222-8413
phone iconnancy.dizon@rccd.edu

Melody Fries​
Accounts Payable Specialist

phone icon(951)​ 222-8661
phone iconmelody.fries@rccd.edu

Sandra Gutierrez
Accounts Payable Specialist

phone icon(951) 222-8664
phone iconsandra.gutierrez@rccd.edu

Chris​ Horeczko
Capital Asset/Inventory Technician

phone icon(951) 222-8676
phone iconchris.horeczko@rccd.edu

Mireya Vargas
Accounts Payable Specialist

phone icon(951) 222-8663
phone iconmireya.vargas@rccd.edu

Rongyu​ Lu
Revenue/Accounts Receivable

phone icon(951) 222-8772​
phone iconrongyu.lu@rccd.edu

Dricena Martinez

phone icon(951) 222-8412​
phone icondricena.martinez@rccd.edu

Genesis Neri
Accounts Payable Specialist

phone icon(951) 222-8661
phone icongenesis.neri@rccd.edu

Julie Ortiz
​​Auxiliary Business Services Specialist

phone icon(951) 222-8415
phone iconjulie.ortiz@rccd.edu

Norma DeAnda
Document Services Coordinator

phone icon(951) 222-8000 x4019 
phone iconnorma.deanda@rccd.edu

Yanel​ Orozco
Document Services Technician

phone icon(951) 222-8000 x4017
phone iconyanel.orozco@rccd.edu

Minh​ Truong
College Receptionist

phone icon(951) 222-8497
phone iconminh.truong@rccd.edu

Cristina​ Alarcon
Budget Analytst

phone icon(951) 222-8929​
phone iconcristina.alarcon@rccd.edu

Michele Arnold
Budget Analyst

phone icon(951) 222-8668
phone iconmichele.arnold@rccd.edu

Anthony​ Bush
Budget Analyst

phone icon(951) 222-8252​
phone iconanthony.bush@rccd.edu

Ana Molina-Padilla
Budget Analyst

phone icon(951) 328-3796
phone iconana.molina@rccd.edu

Janna Accomando
Facilities & Planning Accounting Specialist

phone icon(951) 328-3723
phone iconjanna.accomando@rccd.edu

Myra​ Nava
Facilities & Planning Support Specialist

phone icon(951) 222-8202​
phone iconmyra.nava@rccd.edu

​Celeste Baldonado
Payroll Technician

phone icon(951) 222-8766
phone iconceleste.baldonado@rccd.edu

Jo​sephine Essien
Payroll Technician

phone icon(951) 222-8925​
phone iconjosephine.essien@rccd.edu

Sandra Gutierrez
Payroll Technician

phone icon(951) 222-8923
phone iconsandra.gutierrez@rccd.edu

Melissa Lacasse
Payroll Technician

phone icon(951) 222-8667
phone iconmelissa.lacasse@rccd.edu

Melissa​ Loera
Payroll Technician

phone icon(951) 222-8921
phone iconmelissa.loera@rccd.edu

Dana​ Niles
Payroll Technician

phone icon(951) 222-8661
phone icondana.niles@rccd.edu

Angela​ Aguilar
Purchasing Specialist

phone icon(951) 222-8776
phone iconangela.aguilar@rccd.edu

Melinda Chavez
Purchasing Specialist

phone icon(951) 222-8042
phone iconmelinda.chavez@rccd.edu

Melissa Griffith
Purchasing Specialist

phone icon(951) 222-8645
phone iconmelissa.griffith@rccd.edu

Amanda​​​ Vazquez
Purchasing Specialist

phone icon(951) 222-8227
phone iconamanda.vazquez@rccd.edu

BJ Cain​
Casualty Claims Coordinator

phone icon(951) 222-8127​​
phone iconbj.cain@rccd.edu