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Facilities Naming Committee

Committee Charge

The Facilities Naming Sub-Committee assists the chancellor in evaluating and making recommendations on naming facilities, events and programs in compliance with Board Policy No. 4400 (Naming Of Facilities, Events and Programs). Facilities, events, and programs may be named for a unique, extraordinary, or significant personal contributions of someone closely associated with the District or a significant financial gift made through the RCCD Foundation. In addition to facilities, plaques, memorials, and monuments, selected events–such as athletics, fine arts, and lectures–other activities and programs are eligible for naming under this policy. All proposed names for facilities, events, and programs shall be consistent with the principles and mission of the District and must receive prior approval by the RCCD Board of Trustees.


The Facilities Naming Sub-Committee shall consist of the following permanent members:

Vice Chancellor, Institutional Advancement and Economic Development (1)

Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Planning and Development (1)

Executive Director, RCCD Foundation, co-chair (1) Management representatives from each college (3)

Faculty member from each college (3)

RCCD Foundation board member (1)

Classified Professional representative (1)

Student representative (1)

The FNC meeting schedule is being determined.