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Committee Members

1. Vice Chancellor, Institutional Advancement and Economic Development; Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities, Planning and Development; and Executive Director, RCCD Foundation are permanent members.

2. All other members serve two-year terms, with the exception of the student representative who will serve a one-year term.

3. College Academic Senates will appoint faculty members.

4. The faculty co-chair, rotating by college, will be chosen by the faculty members on the committee.

5. Co-chairs vote on recommendations only in the event of a tie.

6. RCCD Foundation board will appoint RCCD Foundation board member.

7. College presidents will appoint college management representatives.

8. CSEA will appoint Classified Professional representative.

9. The Student District Consultation Council will appoint the student representative


FNC Members
Rebeccah Goldware - Vice Chancellor, Institutional Advancement & Economic Development – Co-Chair

Hussain Agah - Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Planning & Development

Jeff Kaatz - Executive Director, RCCD Foundation, Co-Chair

Rita Clemons - RCCD Foundation Board Member

Vacant - Classified Professional Representative

Vacant - Student Representative
Ron Kirkpatrick - Management Representative

Felipe Galicia - Faculty Member
Travonne Bell - Management Representative

Vivian Harris - Faculty Member
Cecilia Lusk - Management Representative

Virginia White - Faculty Member