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Citizens Bond Oversight Committee Members

Required by law the CBOC oversight group is responsible for ensuring that Measure C expenditures follow Proposition 39 requirements and the March 2004 Measure C Bond ballot statement.

​The RCCD CBOC consists of seven members, each serving a two- year term with the option to request two additional two-year terms. The committee consists of one representative from each of the following groups:   


Student enrolled and active in a community college support group, such as student government (1)

Business Community

Member active in a business organization representing the business community located in the District (1)

Senior Citizen Organization

Member active in a senior citizens' organization (1)

Tax-payers Association

Member active in a bona-fide taxpayers association (1)

College Support Organization 

Member active in a support organization for the District, such as a foundation (1)


Member at-large (2)​

The CBOC meets up four times per year; meetings align with fiscal operation reporting periods. For more information on the CBOC bylaws please access the bylaws on the FAQ page.

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Committee Members
Warren Avery

Business Community

Appointed for Third Term - May 2024



Monica Delgadillo CBOC member


Community Member At-Large

Appointed for Second Term - Mar 2023



RCCD Student Representative

Appointed for First Term - May 2024

Patricia Reynolds

Tax-Payers Association
Appointed for Third Term - May 2024​



Dwight Tate

College Advisory Organization

Appointed for Third Term - May 2024



Michael Vahl

Senior Citizen Organization

Appointed for Third Term - Jan 2024

Community Member At-Large