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Local Business Owner Helps Students Pay Transfer Fees


Local Business Owner Helps Students Pay Transfer Fees

​Chris Miller realizes not everyone is dealt the same deck of cards, which is why he supported the Norco College Visionary Circ​​le Fund with a $5,000 gift. The College is using these funds to support transfer application costs for students in need. 

“I want students to have the opportunity to get closer to their career goals without fear of application fees," Miller said. “Some students need a lift and I am proud that my contribution will help get them to the next level." 

Miller was inspired to donate to the Visionary Circle after attending the 2019 Dinner with the President. Hearing student stories motivated him to give back to a community that he has been part of since 1969. A second-generation funeral director, Miller began working in the family business as a teenager and by the age of 14 assisted on his first preparation and burial. In 2006, Miller acquired the family business, Thomas Miller Mortuary & Crematory, from his mother following his father's sudden death. 

He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona and later attended Cypress College, where he earned a degree in Mortuary Science. Miller is passionate about philanthropy. For the past 25 years, he has served on a variety of boards and organizational leadership positions such as the College's President's Advisory Board, Rotary Club, Corona Valley Chamber of Commerce, The Unforgettables Foundation, Corona Regional Medical Center Governing Board of Directors and Corona Parks and Recreation. 

In his sp​are time, he loves to cook, collect vintage wine and spend time with his family.

Norco Co​llege is grateful to him for his support of Norco students.

For information about Norco College Visionary Circle, please visit: Visionary Circle ​


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