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Norco College Host 2023 Industry Partners and Awards Breakfast


Norco College Host 2023 Industry Partners and Awards Breakfast

Last Friday, March 17th, Norco College hosted its inaugural Industry Partners and Awards Breakfast, which marked a significant moment for the institution in celebrating its strong connections with the local community. The event brought together various industry partners, faculty members, college leaders, and community leaders to recognize and acknowledge the contributions made by Norco College in promoting education, innovation, and collaboration. 

Throughout the morning, attendees had the chance to connect, share their experiences, and learn more about the exciting initiatives at Norco College. The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Norco College President Monica Green, who expressed her gratitude to everyone in attendance and highlighted the importance of partnerships and collaboration in driving success for the college and the community as a whole. 

Following the president's address, several distinguished community leaders and industry partners were recognized and honored for their outstanding contributions to Norco College's success. These awards recognized the achievements and hard work of individuals and organizations that have made significant impacts on the college and the community. Honorees included the Norco College Alumnus of the Year, Dr. Patricia Bogema, and recognized two outstanding community partners Kids That Code, Inc., and Eibach 

More than 100 attendees were present for the festivities before breaking out into their respective industry meetings led by Norco College faculty in: 


      • Accounting/Business/Real Estate
      • Computer Information Systems & Computer Science
      • Drafting Technology & Architecture 
      • Early Childhood Education 
      • Electronics 
      • Manufacturing Technology 
      • Music/Music Industry Studies - Audio Production/Performance   


Overall, the Industry Partners and Awards Breakfast was a resounding success, celebrating the college's strong connections to local businesses and making it an unforgettable experience for all who attended. 

Norco College would like to thank Professor Emeritus Bob Prior who emceed the event, and Board President Hedrick, Trustee Then, and Chancellor Isaac for joining in the celebration. ​


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