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RCCD Invites Community to 62nd Distinguished Faculty Lecturer


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The Faculty Lecture series began in 1961, and each year, Academic Senate members select the Distinguished Faculty Lecturer. It is the highest honor faculty bestow on a colleague.

Riverside Community College District proudly announces the 62nd Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, featuring Melissa Bader, M.A., Professor of English at Norco College. This highly anticipated lecture series celebrates academic excellence and recognizes the outstanding contributions of faculty members across the Riverside Community College District (RCCD). Through captivating presentations and lectures, faculty members like Bader have the opportunity to share their expertise, insights, and scholarly contributions with the broader college community.

The lecture, titled "Image-Free Thinking: A Forced Flexibility that Having Aphantasia Has on an Educator," will explore the intriguing concept of "Image-Free Thinking" and its profound impact on educators. Drawing from her personal journey and recent research into aphantasia, a condition characterized by the inability to visualize mental images, Bader offers insights into how being "image-free" fosters adaptability, nimbleness, and a fresh perspective in the field of education.

Melissa Bader brings over three decades of dedicated experience as a Professor of English at Norco College. Throughout her career, Bader has demonstrated versatility and innovation in her approach to education. From her early days as the Department Chair for the Communications Department to her current role as a Professor of English, Bader has championed student-centered reformation and advocated for academic excellence at every turn.

The entire RCCD community is cordially invited to attend one of the three Distinguished Faculty Lecturer presentations. Join us in celebrating the achievements of our faculty members and engaging in meaningful discourse on topics of academic significance.

Event Details:

      • Title: Image-Free Thinking: A Forced Flexibility that Having Aphantasia Has on an Educator
      • Presenter: Melissa Bader, M.A., Professor of English, Norco College
      • Dates and Locations:
        • Thursday, May 16 | Moreno Valley College - SAS 121
        • Tuesday, May 21 | Riverside City College - Hall of Fame
        • Thursday, May 23 | Norco College - CSS 217 Live-Stream (link will be provided via email)
      • Time: College Hour (12:50–1:50 p.m.)

For questions, contact Leslie Vargas, Senior Public Affairs Officer.

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