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The Celebration of CSEW


The Celebration of CSEW

I am honored to recognize and celebrate your valuable contributions to our District's success, particularly as we celebrate the indispensable, inspiring, and invincible theme of this year's Classified School Employee Week.

During the past year, RCCD served 48,313 students (according to the most current data for the 2022-23 Academic Year), and we currently employ 631 classified professionals. Because of your indispensable hard work, our students are receiving a high-quality education. I gratefully acknowledge the significant work you do to ensure the smooth operation of this District.

Your commitment to RCCD's mission, vision and values, is inspiring. You live the core values of inclusiveness, excellence, innovation, collegiality, stewardship, and heritage. You constantly demonstrate your awareness of the importance of celebrating diversity and encouraging equity by fully engaging in the District's Culture of Care to ensure that the colleges provide a welcoming environment, conducive to learning for ALL students.

I realize that sometimes classified professionals, may feel like the “unsung” heroes of education. But in my book, you are invincible champions who are essential to the growth and success of our students. Your roles in areas such as administration, student activities, food services, athletics, maintenance, advising, and so forth, are vitally important to the students we serve.

Your direct and indirect impact on the lives of students is immeasurable. I truly appreciate you and recognize your contributions to our success. I strongly encourage all faculty and managers to spend time this week honoring and celebrating the classified professionals who serve in this District.

I wish you all a very happy and joyful Classified School Employee Week.


Wolde-Ab Isaac, Ph.D.


Published by External Relations & Strategic Communications