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Ghana - Winter 2025

Tentative Travel Dates:​ January 15 – February 1, 2025
(Program postponed due to low enrollment)

Ghana, country of western Africa, is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. With a rich history—its habitation possibly dating from 10,000 BCE— it offers a fascinating repository of cultural heritage. ​

While you study abroad in Ghana, you will learn why it's one of the leading countries of Africa, despite being relatively small in area and population. Its considerable natural wealth and status as the first black African country south of the Sahara to achieve independence from colonial rule, makes Ghana an ideal place to study abroad. Modern-day Ghana, which gained its independence on March 6, 1957, consists primarily of the former Gold Coast known for its lush forests, diverse animal life, and miles of sandy beaches. The Ghanian people are known for their warm, welcoming spirit which matches the generally tropical climate. Food in Ghana is often made with maize, sweet pota​to, beans, and rice, with Banku and Fufu rising as favorites.​

RCCD will offer a short-term study abroad program to Ghana during winter of 2025​. Students can expect to take courses in history/ethnic studies (HIS/ETS 14) and English (ENG 1A). ​

Information Session Dates
      • Wednesday, 2/28/24: 3 pm – Zoom Register HERE
      • Thursday, 2/29/24: 1-2pm @ Moreno Valley College in SAS 103
      • Tuesday, 3/5/24: 1-2pm @ Norco College in CSS 217
      • Tuesday, 3/12/24: 12:45pm – Zoom Register: HERE
      • Monday, 3/18/24: 6pm – Zoom Register: HERE
      • Wednesday, 3/20/24: 1pm at Moreno Valley College in SAS 103
      • Monday, 3/25/24: 3:30pm at Norco College in CSS 217
      • Thursday, 3/38/24: 1 pm at Riverside City College, DL 409
      • Tuesday, 4/2/24: 1 pm at Norco College, IT 117
      • Wednesday, 4/17/24 1 pm at MVC SAS 103
      • Thursday, 4/18/24: 2:30 pm - Zoom Register: HERE
      • Thursday, 4/24/24: 6:30 pm - Zoom Register: HERE 

Can’t make an information session? Check out this PowerPoint!

Program Cost

Between $4900 - $6450 (Our goal is to keep costs low but airfare costs are unpredictable right now.)

Costs Include: application fee, in-country activities, airfare, housing, in-country transportation, in-country meals, travel & medical insurance* (*reimbursement system)

Costs DO NOT Include: RCCD course fees, passport fees, visa fees, vaccinations, laundry, cell phone, personal spending.

Program Application

If you are ready to apply, please use the following link:

apply here

Space is limited. Applications due no later than April 5, 2024. Application Deadline Extended to May 2.

Within 2 weeks of our receipt of your application, you will receive an email, at your RCCD student email address. This email will invite you to complete the application process by: paying the refundable $200 application f​ee (fully refunded if not selected for the program)​

If you are unsure about applying and would like to put your name on the program interest list, please fill out the following form:

Ghana interest form

​Important Information about Traveling to Ghana

​Yellow Fever vaccine is required. Current Hepatitis AB vaccine and malaria preventative medicines, are likely to be HIGHLY recommended. COVID vaccine was required and may be again, therefore, it is highly recommended. To obtain a Yellow Fever Vaccine, you'll need a prescription from a doctor. Visit your doctor and/or a travel clinic.

Travel Clinic costs = $35  - $100
Vaccine Costs $150 - $350

Visit travel clinic ASAP to start the process:

​​​​Yellow Fever Vaccine Clinics in California
Corona Doctors

You Need a Valid Passport

Your passport will need to be physically sent to the Ghanian embassy for processing. ​It could take about 1-2 months. Thus, committing to this trip will likely prohibit you from traveling internationally in the months leading up to the trip. Cost is about $90 with visa fee, mailing, photos, etc.



Meet Your RCCD Faculty & Course Information
​​​miguel reid

Dr. Miguel Reid, Professor of English
Riverside City College



Dr. Reid grew up in Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and L.A. and has taught English at over a dozen universities and colleges in California and overseas. Currently, he teaches English to students from all around the world, is an advisor for the Ujima student leadership club, and enjoys teaching an Umoja English class that combines Hip Hop music and writing.

English-1A - English Composition (4 units)

In this class, students will go on exciting excursions exploring local art, music, food culture, and history. Students will also critically analyze various texts by authors representing the rich African culture of Ghana. Students will get to explore ideas surrounding African history and culture and how they themselves relate to these issues as students living in the U.S. They will have the opportunity to develop and express their own thoughts on these topics in a variety of communication forms, from interactive discussion to effective written expression.

deborah brown


​Dr. Deborah Brown, Associate Professor of History
Riverside City College


Deborah “D." Brown (she/they) serves as an associate professor of History at Riverside Cit​y College since 2019. Professor Brown is an alumna of Redlands High School where she and her five siblings were raised on public assistance by her single mother. She never imagined she would study abroad until a mentor/professor asked if she had an interest in travel to Israel/Palestine. They encouraged her to apply for a Dorot travel grant that allowed her to study in Jerusalem at The Hebrew University for a summer. As an undergraduate at Stanford University, Professor Brown used financial aid awards, fellowships, and travel grants to fund study abroad to Germany and Israel/Palestine. She went on to graduate school at Brown University and UCLA where she received a German Academic Exchange Service Research Grant to study in Germany for a year. She later received fellowships for study/research abroad in the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. Most recently, Professor Brown was the recipient of the Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad Grant to study in South Africa and complete a project entitled, “African Knowledge Systems: Performing Arts in South Africa During Apartheid and Beyond." Professor Brown is excited to bring a group of RCCD students on an inaugural study abroad program to the African continent.​​

Ethnic Studies - 14/History - 14 - African American History I (3 units)

This course is a survey of African American history beginning with African civilizations through the trans-Atlantic slave trade, American chattel slavery and abolition to the Civil War and emancipation. There will be a focus on indigenous African knowledge systems and their links to modern African American experience. In Ghana, students will experience West African history, culture, and language as they experience sites of importance to African American and Pan-African history.