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Riverside Community College District is committed to providing each employee with a safe and healthy work environment. Our goal is to provide a training program that will help each employee work safely and effectively by broadening their knowledge of safety issues and provide the training needed as Disaster workers.  

Employees who have never logged into Target Solutions will need to reset their password by following the instructions below:

Accessing Target Solutions:

Once you are in Target Solutions:

      • Please go to the “My Credentials” tab.

      • Find your credential group (most of you will be Clerical and Admin)

      • Click on your credential

      • You will find your credential name in the middle of the page, click on the down arrow and it will reveal your classes

      • Click on your classes and get started

      • You will be able to watch your progress from 0% to 100% as you take your trainings.

        target solutions

        target solutions

Contact Monica Esqueda at monica.esqueda@rccd.edu or TargetSolutions Client Support at 1-800-840-8048 or support@targetsolutions.com for assistance with login, launching training courses, or answering any questions you may have concerning the TargetSolutions program. 


cert trainings CERT   

The CERT Basic Cour​se is delivered in the community by a team of first responders, and other qualified volunteers. The organization and timing of training and meeting varies from program to program. It is often broken up into two to four hour blocks over a series of evenings or weekends.

cpr trainings CPR Trainings 

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - Certification is available​ for First Aid/AED/CPR. Contact Risk Management for next available training course.

fema trainings FEMA Online Course 

The National Preparedness online Course Catalog provides searchable, integrated information on courses provided or managed by FEMA's Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP), Emergency Management Institute (EMI), and National Training and Education Division (NTED).

harassment training
Harassment Training
Contact Human Resources & Employee Relations​ 

stop the bleedStop the Bleed  

The ‘Stop the Bleed' campaign was initiated by a federal interagency workgroup convened by the National Security Council Staff, The White House. ​ The purpose of the campaign is to build national resilience by better preparing the public to save lives by raising awareness of basic actions to stop life threatening bleeding fo​llowing everyday emergencies and man-made and natural disasters. Advances made by military medicine and research in hemorrhage control during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have informed the work of this initiative which exemplifies translation of knowledge back to the homeland to the benefit of the general public.  The Department of the Defense owns the ‘Stop the Bleed' logo and phrase - trademark pending.” Contact Risk Management for next available training course.