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​Instructional Design Webinars & Workshops

Instructional Tools

These video​s ​serve as overviews and introductions to instructional topics. After watching DE webinars and workshops, please complete the Distance Education Survey. We will use your feedback to improve and select topics for future webinars and workshops.

Videos by Tool 

Community Building​ & Feedback Tools

  • NameCoach
  • TextExpander
    • TextExpander Overview -- learn how to use this tool to create and insert text anywhere quickly for grading and common replies to students​

Miscellaneous Topics

Webinar Series

Template Tues​days​ -- This 8-part series focuses on how different types of templates can be used to build course content and the pedagogical advantages of each. Each workshop was created and led by DJ Hawkins. Videos have been edited for faculty privacy.


Course Design Camp -- This 3-part series parallels the content in Cabins 1-3 in the (optional) Course Design Camp training course.

Course Design, Development, & Facilitation​ -- This 8-part webinar series was led by DE personnel with faculty co-hosts detailing pedagogy and practical strategies to improve course development, course design, and course facilitation. There are bonus supporting videos that demonstrate specific Canvas tools for implementation.