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Quick S​​tart Guide & Templates

Looking for quick ideas to get a class up and running within a couple days? Course Developers and course templates are a fast way to build a course. Course Developers can assist faculty in building content based on templates and under faculty guidance. Course building tools, such as DesignPLUS, and templates can pre-build most of the modules, pages, assignments, discussions, and quizzes that faculty will need for each week of a course. 

Working with a Course Developer

You can work with a Course Developer to refresh a course you've taught before or to build a new course from scratch. 

  • Under your guidance, they can take the content and resources you provide and build out the pages, assignments, discussions, and quizzes using DesignPLUS and templates to your exact specifications. 
  • You'll meet to review the work and then take over to finish up content and instructor related tasks. 

Working with a Course Developer can save you time and energy that you can use to facilitate your current class or to relax between semesters. Complete a Course Development Request form to get started!

Getting Started on Your Own

  • Find the course shell where you will be working, or request a DEV shell to work in.
    • Refreshing a course?
      • Import your previous content.
      • Import any needed pre-built assignments from Canvas Commons.
      • Edit as needed.
    • Building a new course?
    • Make any changes as needed to get started.

Available Templates

Templ​ates​ are a great way to jump start your content creation. Templates can be used in whole, in part, or just for inspiration. If you have any questions about this content, feel free to make an appointment with DE personnel for Instructional Design Support​​​. You can also watch our DesignPLUS templates webinar series. ​When searching in Canvas Commons, use these search terms to find and favorite RCCD templates:

  • For course templates: RCCD course template
  • For modules: RCCD module welcome 
  • For specific assignments: RCCD discussion, assignment, journal, or video
  • For course branding: RCCD banner button
  • For student resources: RCCD resource