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Who Must Have A Permit....

 Permits are now virtual and will not need to be displayed​ 

Visitors to the District shall park in the white striped student stalls, in metered parking, or marked timed spaces, whe​rever available. Visitors may obtain a temporary parking permit from the Parking Services at Riverside City College (951)-222-8520​, Moreno Valley College (951) 571-6190 and Norco College (951) 739-7895.​

Staff permits are valid in any staff and student parking space on campus. Staff can register to receive a staff c​arpool permit from Parking Services. Contact Parking Services at (951) 222-8520  f​​or more information. Staff may also have the cost of an annual permit deducted from their paycheck on a monthly basis.

​​You can view step-by-step instructions on how to purchase a parking permit for Faculty/Staff.​

Step-By-Step Instructions

What Does It Cost....

Permits for both students and staff are $50 for the Fall and Spring, $25 for Summer semesters. See costs of permits and fines for more details.

Permits and Fines

Where Can I Park....

Each lot has a specific designation for who can or cannot park there. There are also areas (such as disabled spots, fire zones, loading areas, etc.) that are posted for the exclusive use by certain persons or vehicles. Board Policy spells out in detail such areas and restrictions. Parking regulations may be enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week including all rules of the California Vehicle Code. These include, but are not limited to, disabled and fire zones, vehicle registration and any other area marked as enforced 24 hours a day. 

Why Must I Pay to Park....

The fees collected from the sale of parking permits are used to fund college and student services. Fees also fund police officers, safety escort services, lot maintenance and new lot construction on all three campuses.​​