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Disabled Parking

The fine for illegally parking in a Disabled zone is $340.

Disabled parking spaces are located in various lots around RCCD colleges and learning centers. You must display a current, state-issued disabled placard and a student or staff permit to park in a disabled parking space. Only the person to whom the placard or plate was issued can use them. Individuals, who are caught fraudulently using a disabled placard, will be fined and the placard or plate confiscated.

Persons, who have a valid disabled placard/plate and a current student/staff permit, may park in any disabled space on RCCD colleges and learning centers.

RCCD Parking Services does not issue temporary disabled placards. If you suffer from a temporary disability, you must get a temporary placard from the State of California. If you forget or misplace your disabled placard, you cannot use a disabled space. It is your responsibility to have your disabled placard displayed while parked on campus.​

Disabled placards/plates do not give a person permission to park "anywhere." Individuals with a disabled placard/plate and a current student or staff permit cannot park in the following areas:

      • Red curb or fire lanes. 

      • Stalls marked "reserved" for a specific person or type of vehicle.
      • Designated loading or unloading zones. 

      • The cross hatch of disabled zones. 

      • Any area that is not a designated parking spot (i.e. on sidewalks or grass). 

      • Any area marked as "No Parking" or "Tow Away" zone.​