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Faculty & Staff Parking

On July 1, 2011, RCCD Police will bega​n enforcing parking regulations 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at all college campuses, education sites, and district locations. ​Under AP 6750 Parking, revised April 11, 2011, this means that all vehicles must display a valid District permit (student or staff), a District- or College-issued temporary permit, or use metered parking any time the vehicle is parked at a college or district location. Grace period​s are: fir​st week of summer session, first two weeks of fall and spring semesters, and first week of winter session. Staff​ parking permits can be purchased online through WebAdvisor

A staff person is defined as anyone who works more than 20 hours a week for the district. Student employees are not staff and are not eligible to purchase a staff permit.

All personnel defined as staff must purchase and display a staff permit. This includes temporary and/or part time employees. Staff are not authorized to possess or use any other type of permit. The only exception to this is those temporary permits issued by Parking Services on Riverside City College, Moreno Valley College or Norco College for those who already have a current staff permit.

Staff permits are valid in any staff and student parking space on campus.​


Virtual Parking Permits
A virtual permit is an electronic record of a permit issued. There is no requirement for the holder of the virtual parking permit to display the permit.​
    1. Enter your person​al and vehicle information to obtain the virtual parking permit

      1. If your address is not automatically populating city, state and zip code: click on “Reset Address” and enter new address

      2. If your address is a PO BOX: click “Reset Address”, check mark PO BOX and enter PO BOX address 

      3. If your email does not contain the correct domain, i.e., @rcc, @rccd, @norcocollege, or @mvc, etc: enter the address as displayed (email is generated from district information)

    2. Enforcement Officer will scan license plates of vehicles parked using a mobile handheld system

    3. The system will identify parking violations. Enforcement officers will determine whether to issue a citation when the system identifies a vehicle that does not have a permit or has the incorrect permit for the parking space.​

Status confirmation is given when a pop up displays saying “order successfully placed" and parking services can confirm
Two (2) vehicles. At this time one can be added on webadvisor and the 2nd will be added by parkingservices@rccd.edu until TurboData Get a Permit system is able to accept the 2nd vehicle.
By contacting parkingservice@rccd.edu or going directly to the parking offices at any of the 3 colleges.