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Workers' Compensation

When a worker is injured, we implement a process for medical care, and any follow up services needed, there are certain state requirements that must be followed throughout the workers' compensation claims process in order to meet both state and college regulations.

      • The State of California Department of Industrial Relations DWC7 - Notice to Employees explains the benefits available to injured workers in California and RCCD's Claims Administrator and insurance information.
DWC7 - Notice to Employees
Riverside Workers' Compensation Board
3737 Main St., Room 300
Riverside, CA 92501-3337
(951) 782-4347

      • ​An employee is able to designate their personal physician as their workers' compensation doctor in the event of an industrial injury or illness if the employee has the form listed below completed and on file with Risk Management prior to their injury. Please send to BJ Cain in Risk Management.
Pre-Designation of Personal Physician
Injury Procedures & Filing a Workers' Compensation Claim

1Report the Incident 
All RCCD employees and designated volunteers are required to report any work-related injury or illness, regardless of severity.
Please review our Employee Injury and Illness Reporting Procedures.

2. Triage 

RCCD uses a nurse triage company Medcor to provide triage nurse evaluation services and refer the employee to an industrial clinic for medical treatment if the employee decides to seek medical attention. Medcor send authorization for medical treatment. Call Medcor at 800-775-5866.


3. Medical Treatment 

RCCD uses Wellcomp as its MPN (Medical Provider Network) for industrial injuries. Information for Wellcomp can be found in the brochures below.

        • ​​​​​​Information for Wellcomp can be found in the brochures
Wellcomp MPN Brochure - English
Wellcomp MPN Brochure - Spanish​

        • ​Our preferred clinics for first time medical appointments for an industrial injury are listed below:
​​Riverside Medical Clinic 
Kaiser on the Job
Concentra (for after-hours visits)

​​​4. Incident Investigation 

For injuries/incidents employees will be given an Accident Form​ to complete and their supervisor will be given a Supervisor Accident Investigation Form to complete. These forms will be submitted to Risk Management.

Accident Form
Supervisor Accident Investigation Form

5. Workers' Compensation Claim 

If you are injured or become ill, either physically or mentally, because of your job, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. The form below can be used to file a workers' compensation claim.​

​​DWC1 - Workers' Compensation Claim Form - ​Send DWC1 Form and Accident Forms to BJ Cain​ in Risk Management