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Risk Management manages the insurance policies for the District, colleges, and their guests. All insurance policies come through this office for review, appropriateness, and accuracy. ​

Insurance Requirements 

 The Insurance Requirement Manual serves as a guide in developing proper insurance requirements in contracts. It explains how to establish insurance requirements for contracts with contractors, tenants, vendors and users of District Property and how to monitor their compliance with those requirements during the term of the contract.

Insurance Requirement Manual

Request for Certificate of Coverage

If you are working on a contract that requires the District to provide a certificate of insurance the Request for Lia​bility Certificate of Coverage needs to be completed along with the contract and submitted to BJ Cain (bj.cain@rccd.edu) in Risk Management. This is part of the contract review process through the District.

Request for Lia​bility Certificate of Coverage

Proof of Liability Insurance

Some contracts or events will just require Evidence of Cov​erage that provides the District's basic coverage. This certificate does not list a specific certificate holder or list any additional insured organizations. If those items are required you would need to complete and submit the Request for Liability Certificate of Coverage.

Evidence of Cov​erage

Art Insurance

When one of the District's art galleries or campuses is having an art exhibit, the District needs to request additional insurance coverage to cover the art on display. Please review the Art Exhibits on Campus for instructions on obtaining insurance for exhibits and review the following forms and complete & submit the appropriate ones for your event.

Art Exhibits on Campus
Art Gallery Loan Form
Art Addendum 1 RCCD
Art Addendum 2
Student Art Inventory Form
Student Exhibit Form

Student Insurance

The District offers student insurance for students that are injured during school activities, this includes physical education classes, club sports, career, and technical education, and the commute between classes in addition to intercollegiate sports. For more information on our student accident insurance program please review our Student Accident Insurance Slideshow from our providers Myers-Stevens and Toohey & Co., Inc. To file a claim complete the Student Insurance Claim Form and follow the submittal instructions. Please also send a copy of the claim form to BJ Cain. ​

When a student suffers a non-life-threatening injury on campus, they can seek assistance from the Student Health Services Department. However, depending on the type of vocational or occupational program that a student is enrolled in, they may be covered by workers' compensation laws and insurance. You can contact Risk Management (bj.cain@rccd.edu) for additional information regarding Workers' Compensation coverage. 

Student Accident Insurance Slideshow 
Student Insurance Claim Form


Risk Management manages all claims filed on behalf of the District and against the District, this includes general liability claims, property claims, auto claims, and workers' compensation claims.

External claims filed against the District can be sent to the District Office at 3801 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501.

Internal claims filed on behalf of the District departments can be reported to Risk Management. Please follow the reporting instructions for the type of claim you are filing. 

General Liability Claims

There are times when an individual may want to file a liability claim against the District. This may occur if a visitor is injured on campus or has something damaged or stolen while they are on campus. Please read the District's Board Policy 1830 to read the guidelines and regulations for filing a claim against the District. A Claim for Damages Form is required to be submitted to the District Office at 3801 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501. Claims not submitted on the District's form will be returned to the claimant and may be resubmitted using the proper form.

Board Policy 1830
Claim for Damages Form

District Property Claims

If you are an employee of the District and need to file a claim involving District property, follow the Instructions for Filing a Property Loss, complete the Loss or Damage Report, and submit it and any other supporting documents to BJ Cain in Risk Management.

Instructions for Filing a Property Loss
Loss or Damage Report

Auto Claims

Auto Claims for a district vehicle - Employees that are in an auto collision in a District vehicle should follow the Auto Claims Procedures and complete the Vehicle Collision Report. The employee should report the accident to the Police Department for a police report and should call Medcor (800-775-8566) to report the incident and any employee injuries.​

Auto claims for personal vehicle - If a visitor's vehicle or employee's personal vehicle is damaged on site and they wish to file a claim, they can complete the Claim for Damages Form and submit it to BJ Cain in Risk Management. Please provide a copy of the police report along with the claim form if available.

Auto Claims Procedures
Vehicle Collision Report

Workers' Compensation Claims

For more information on the District's Workers' Compensation program please view the workers' compensation page.​

Release of Liability

If you are participating in a particular event on an RCCD campus or facility, you may be asked to complete a Release of Liability Form. This form releases from all liability Riverside Community College District and its colleges from any and all claims.

Release of Liability Form

District Vehicle Authorization​

The district vehicle authorization program is managed by the Police Department. Any employee that will be driving on District time, whether it be a District vehicle or a personal vehicle, is asked to complete the District Vehicle Driver Authorization Request Form and the DM​V Pull Notice - Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information Form​. These forms need to be sent to Sylvia Valentines in the Police Department.​

District Vehicle Driver Authorization Request Form
DM​V Pull Notice - Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information Form​