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Improvement of Instruction

Frequency of Evaluation

Improvement of Instruction and Tenure Review Forms for Contract Faculty​
Agreement between RCCD and RCCD Faculty Association CCA/CTA/NEA​ (2021-2024)​
Faculty​ Tenure-Track & Part Time Faculty Evaluations Under Covid-19 - MOU ​(NEW)
Fall Overview ​- C​lerical Process Overview (UPDATED 4/4/2022)
Fall Detail - Contractual Process Detail (UPDATED 4/4/2022)
NFA1st-1E - Faculty Evaluation Committee Notification - to 1st Year Faculty (Encouraged) (UPDATED 4/4/2022) 
NFA234-1E - Faculty Evaluation Committee N​otification - to 2-4 year Tenure Track Faculty (Encouraged)(Updated 4/4/2022)
NFA-2E - Faculty Evaluation Committee - To Dept Chair for Selection of Committee for New Faculty (Encouraged) (UPDATED 4/4/2022)
NFA-3E - Faculty Evaluation Committee - To All Members of Committee & Contract Faculty Member 
(Enc​ouraged) (UPDATED 4/4/2022)
NFA-4O - Facuty Evaluation Committee Worksheet (Optional) (UPDATED 9/14/2021)
NFA-5R - Scope & Process Summary - To All Committee Members & Contract Faculty Members​(Required) (UPDATED 4/4/2022)
OFA-6R - Committee Report Cover Sheet - For All Temporary Faculty (Required) (UPDATED 4/4/2022)​
OC-6R - Improvement of Instruction/Categorically Funded Cover Sheet (Required) (UPDATED 4/4/2022)
NF​A-6R - Committee Report Cover Sheet - For Tenure Track Faculty (Required) (UPDATED 10/20/2022)
NF​A-7E - Spring Followup Form (If Needed) (UPDATED 4/4/2022)
NFA-8R - Spring Followup Cover Sheet (If Ne​eded)​ (UPDATED 4/4/2022)

Early Childhood Education Evaluation Forms
NFA1​ST-​1E-ECE - ​Certificated Staff Evaluation Committee​ (UPDATED 4/19/2022)
NFA-4O-ECE - Certificated Staff Evaluation Committee Worksheet​​ (UPDATED 4/19/2022)
NFA-5R-ECE - Certificated Staff Evaluation Committee (UPDATED 4/19/2022)
NFA-6R-ECE - Signature Page (UPDATED 4/19/2022)​

Improvement of Instruction Forms for Regular Faculty
Contract for Reqular Faculty (UPDATED 4/4/2022)
Spring Overview - Clerical Process Overview (UPDATED 3/23/2022)
Spring Detail - Contractual Process Detail (UPDATED 3/23/2022)​​
RF​-1​0E - Improvement of Instruction Peer Review Committee - To Regular Faculty Member (Encouraged) (UPDATED 3/23/2022)
RF-11E - Improvement of Instruction Peer Review Committee - To Dept. Chair (Encouraged) (UPDATED 3/23/2022)
RF-12E​ - Improvement of Instruction Peer Review Committee - To All Committee Members & Regular Faculty Member (Encouraged) (UPDATED 4/19​/2022)
RF-13R - Scope and Process Summary - To All Committee Members & Regular Faculty Member with Copy to IDS (Required) (UPDATED 4/13/2022)
RF-14O - Peer Review Committee Worksheet (Optional) (UPDATED 3/15/2023​)​
RF​-15R​ - Peer Review Committee Cover Sheet - For Regular Faculty(Req​uired) ​(UPDATED 4/13/2022)

Associate Faculty Evaluation Forms