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The speed of business has increased exponentially over the last few years and the demands on enterprise software to be faster, more flexible, and efficient have become essential for progressive institutions. Our foundational technology cannot hold us back through delays and complexity. It must help to drive us forward with flexibility and agility at speed.
ERP software that cannot keep up with our evolving business needs is inherently out of alignment with our growth strategy and actively impeding our progress. Moreover, it is keeping us behind our competition.
Faculty and staff members will experience reductions in effort, save time on tasks, and access detailed analytics and reporting. 
Based on your role, you may be asked to assist in the design, configuration and testing of the solution. In addition, training will be provided to all users. 
Faculty and staff members may be asked to review and revise current processes and procedures as the new solution is in testing and deployment.
Even if you are not serving on an individual project team, your insights are incredibly valuable to this process. Please be sure to submit your questions and feedback to us at projectnexus@rccd.edu.
​​​​​​​Although our official go-live of many of these new solutions a​re still several months away, there are several ways you can start getting ready for being introduced to your new tools.

Access Anthology Academy

This learning platform provides supporting resource materials and on-demand webinars for each of the solutions we are implementing, and access is available for all RCCD faculty and staff.

To sign up (or log in):

      1. Click the link above

      2. Select 'Customer Login'

      3. Log in or select 'Create new Account' and follow the prompts.

      4. Once logged in, click o n the following recommended sessions to view to be directed to the specific session.

For content related to:

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Full Overview

Student Demo  (56 minutes)


Introduction to Student Profile (3 minutes)


Student Services: An Overview (4 minutes)


Career Advising (2 minutes)


Student Success Overview in Anthology Reach

(8 minutes)

Admissions and Enrollment

Student Journey (6 minutes)


Admissions: An Overview in Anthology Student

 (5 minutes)


Admissions Overview in Anthology Reach

(7 minutes)

Course Registration, Management and Grading

Managing Attendance (3 minutes)


Grading and Evaluation (5 minutes)


Registration (5 minutes)

Financial Aid and Payment

Student Accounts: An Overview (6 minutes)

Budget, Human Resources and Payroll

Anthology Finance Overview (19 minutes)

As we prepare to implement new systems and business processes, use this crosswalk and term definition list to help you understand new nomenclature that will be used as you learn more about the solutions we are implementing.

Anthology Student

These terms will be most relevant for our faculty and staff that support student records, advising, financial aid, business services and registration. Essentially, all members of our community who use Colleague today.



Data Conversion Resource Center; this is a tool that our Project Subject Matter Experts (SME) use to map our data from Colleague to Anthology Student


​​Multi-factor authentication; a companion step to entering your password to ensure it's really you that is trying to access your accounts.

The process of loading extracted data from our legacy system (Colleague) into Anthology Student (formerly Campus Nexus), so that we can then validate the data.


​Self-Service Password Reset; gives users the ability to change or reset their password, with no administrator or help desk involvement.


These terms will be most relevant for our staff in recruitment, admissions and advising/counseling.




A person with whom RCCD is interacting (for example, a prospective student, a counselor, the primary contact at an organization).


Customer Relationship Management


Series of automated messages sent to a specific group of contacts determine by the attached segment.



The initial connection a prospective student makes with us, with their contact information.


Tracks the stages of a student's progression from prospect to graduation or transfer.


Email templates created to attach to a Customer Journey.


Request For Information form; the form that prospective students can use to request information about attending RCCD.


A set of criteria that will determine the group of contacts that will be pulled into a Customer Journey.


A term that is used during implementation and represents a phase in the system configuration process.



Ability to send and receive text messages as part of a Customer Journey or as a one-off message on the Contact's timeline.


Instructions that tells Anthology Reach how we want automation to happen in the system.





Colleges & High Schools


Stude nt Programs

Special Populations