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What We Are Implementing

Anthology Student


With Anthology Student (formerly known as CampusNexus Student), we gain a proven, cloud-based student information system built on Microsoft's Azure Cloud to unite our students, programs, campuses and systems. We will be able to manage flexible academic terms ​and programs, automate financial aid and workflows, improve enrollment and curriculum management, and gain data-driven insight to respond dynamically to student needs. ​

Anthology Student will replace our student information system, Colleagu​e, and will centralize and streamline our processes related to academic records and courses. 

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Anthology ReachAnthology Reach (formerly known as CampusNexus Engage) is a CRM for the whole campus. Itworks alongside our existing systems to help our institution respond dynamically to each student's unique experiences and needs. The solution enables you to visualize data, track trends in enrollment and retention, and evaluate return on investment of events and programs. It combines the latest innovations in the Azure platform and business analytics to improve engagement and results at every stage of the student lifecycle. 

Anthology Reach is a system wide CRM that will provide a full picture of the students we serve from their engagement with our admissions teams through advisors, faculty and beyond.

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Anthology Finance


With Anthology Finance & HCM, we will gain real-time insight into op​erational effectiveness from world-class Microsoft technology that has been tailored specifically our campus needs. 

Anthology Finance will replace our use of Colleague to support finance related business processes, and complement our continued use of Concur and Galaxy.​

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Anthology Occupational Insight
Occupation Insight is a cloud-based workforce analytics solution that joins our institution data with labor market statistic. With access to th​is data, our academic program directors and faculty can realign and refine programs based on the latest skills sought by employers and current labor market data in our community and throughout the country and help our students connect what they are studying to their future occupations.

Occupation Insight is the first solution of its kind at RCCD and will provide extraordinary labor market insights to inform and support our workforce development initiatives and program offerings.

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