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Five-Year Capital Construction Plan

The District Five-Year Construction Plan (Five-Year Plan) is an annual summary of current and proposed capital outlay projects. A Five-Year Plan in reality covers seven years; the past year, current year and five future years.

The Riverside Community College District's Five-Year Plan gives the State Chancellor's Office a complete picture of the district's capital improvement needs and projects at Moreno Valley College, Norco College and Riverside City College, enabling the State Chancellor's Office to make informed decisions regarding project priorities for state funding. The RCCD's Five-Year Plan conveys the master planning context, decisions, and outcomes along with current capital outlay needs and objectives and the list of proposed projects.

The Five-Year Plan includes:

Master Plan, Energy Plan and Facility Plan Summary

List of all projects in a district's order of priority

Cumulative capacities and loads for the five types of space

The capacity of existing on-campus facilities

Individual project descriptions and space changes affected by each proposal

The Five-Year Construction Plan is typically due to the State July 1. Therefore, the completion target date for the district's Five-Year Construction Plan is by May 15 allowing the staff to present it to the Board of Trustees at the co​mmittee​ board meeting and receive approval at the​ regular board meeting in June. 

Board Approved Five-Year Construction Plans 
​2025 - 2029
​2024​ - 2028​
2023 - 2027​
20​22 - 2026
20​21 - 2025

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