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Working with RCCD

Contractors are required to register with the Department of Industrial Relations prior to bidding on and entering into contracts for state and local public works projects.​

Since July 1, 2014, the State of California's Department of Industrial Relations, under law SB 584, requires contractors to register using the online application before bidding on state and local public works projects. 

The application provides agencies that administer public works programs with a searchable database of qualified contractors. Application and renewals are completed online with $4​00 non-refundable fee.

Read the Fact Sheet for a complete list of requirements. Click to view instru​ct​ions for completing the form.​

For more information on SB 584, or to contact the Department of Industrial Relations, log onto http://w​ww.dir.ca.gov/.​​​

Financial Processes and Procedures
California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Commission​ (CUPCCA)
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Inviting Bid Information
Bidding Procedures
General Conditions (Sample)
Notice Inviting Interested Contractors
Prevailing Wage​
How to Get on the List for Future Request for Proposals/Request for Qualifications
Board Approved Li​st of Pre-Qualified Firms

Contracts/Agreements Templates (Word Doc Format)
Architectural Services
Engineer Using Architect
Geotechnical Services
Inspector Services
Multi-Prime CM Services
Professional Services
Insurance Requirements ~ Information coming soon
Bonding Requirements ~ Information coming soon
RCCD Standards and College Guidelines
Volume 1 (107 MB)
Volume 2​ (175 MB)

Current/Future Projects

Bid Opportunities
Request for Qualifications (RFQ)/Request for Proposals (RFP)
Environmental/Engineering/IOR Services
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
Addendum 3
Addendum 4